As a father and community leader, I am committed to making Baltimore the home we all know it can be. This is why I am running to represent our community in Annapolis.  I have listened to concerns from our community members and believe the following issues are vital to our future growth.

Healthy Seniors

When Washington Republicans and Donald Trump threaten cuts to Social Security and Medicare so they can cut taxes for the wealthy, they force Maryland to make up the difference. State government must do everything it can to protect the benefits seniors have earned with a lifetime of hard work. This is vital for Maryland seniors to stay healthy, stay safe, stay in their own homes and retire with dignity.

Good Jobs, Good Careers

I believe that the best way to make our city a better place to live and improve the quality of life for all Baltimoreans is providing opportunities for better jobs for all Baltimoreans. This means stronger enforcement of local hiring laws to make sure our money is used to create jobs in our community; ensuring a livable wage; and supporting small businesses to create local jobs.

Brighter Futures

Our young people can’t learn and reach their potential if their schools are falling apart, air conditioning isn’t working or lack of heat leaves them cold in the winter. Unfortunately too many of our schools lack even these basic needs and cheap stop-gap measures aren’t good enough.  We must fight for our children and demand the sustainable state resources our schools need to give all of our children the education they need for the future they deserve.

After-School / Out-Of-School Activities

After school is when youth are most likely to get in trouble and make bad choices.  It is important for our children to have better options such as apprenticeships, career training programs, recreational activities and after-school programs so that they stay safe while building better futures.

Real Justice, Real Peace

Without trust between community members and police officers, we cannot ensure safe neighborhoods throughout our city.  I believe we will have safer neighborhoods and a safer city when citizens and police can work together with the resources they need in an environment of mutual respect.. This is why Baltimore must receive the resources to safely and effectively implement the consent decree signed with the Department of Justice.


A great city like Baltimore deserves a world-class transportation system that keeps residents moving throughout the city. Instead, our residents are sitting in traffic instead of spending time with their families and are unnecessarily limited in employment options because of inconsistent and insufficient public transportation.  If residents can’t to work, they can’t work.  Our leaders in Annapolis must develop better transportation systems like the red line, more bike lanes, and improved streets that no longer create unnecessary traffic problems.

These issues are not the only ones that our community faces as we strive to create a better Baltimore.  I want to hear from you about your ideas for building a better Baltimore.